Characteristics of films offered by our company:

  • high transparency
  • weld durability
  • durability of film weld, welding force of 10-40N (depending on the client’s needs)
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • excellent thermoshrinkability (at the level of 10-60% , transverse or longitudinal, depending on the client’s needs)
  • no smell or taste
  • possibility to pack food products
  • no harmful substance migration into the packed product
  • coefficient of kinetic friction adjusted both to automated and semi-automated packing
  • within the limits of 0.25 film/film, 0.20 film/metal (depending on the client’s needs) )
Advantages of our films:
  • high transparency and gloss
  • high thermoshrinkability
  • high performance, several times higher than in the case of polyethylene and laminates
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • durability of film weld
  • wide range of application temperature
  • not harmful to the packed product, packing machines and the environment
  • no smell or taste
  • possibility of overprinting

We offer polyolefin films 13 μm, 15 μm, 19 μm, 25 μm